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"One of the best gifts any parent can give their child is Flintobox" - , Angel's mother
Rating:   4.8 / 5
"We wanted to bring our son up the way our parents did, fully gadget-free. Flintobox was an option we could easily consider." -
Rating:   5 / 5
"My son got bored of all toys very quickly. I was in so much pressure on what to do. I saw Flintobox in my suggestions and it has changed our lives!!" -
Rating:   4.5 / 5
"Saesha has a good time learning about colours, shapes and sizes! She loves Flintobox time!" - , Saesha's mother
Rating:   4.7 / 5
"For the first time I see my son so eager to do a learning and experiential activity. Flintobox is awesome!" -
Rating:   4.8 / 5
"Vasishta enjoying his Flintobox activity. Thank you sooo much." - , Vasishta's father
Rating:   4.5 / 5

Your Questions Answered

+ What happens when I purchase Flintobox?
+ What exactly do I get inside a Flintobox?
+ How do I use Flintobox?
+ I'm a busy parent. I don't have enough time. Will my child be able to do the activities independently?
+ Can I try 1 box before heading for a subscription?
+ Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
+ Can I change my address in the middle of my subscription?
+ What age groups is Flintobox available for?
+ Is shipping free? To which places do you ship?
+ Is Cash On Delivery option available? What other payment options do you accept?
+ What if the activities are too easy or too difficult for my child?
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