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World Traveller - Activity Boxes for 4-5 Year Olds

VoilĂ ! Here's something that your little traveller will love. Flintobox presents the World Traveller box, which will inspire your child with fascinating facts about the world. Your little globetrotter crosses borders, journeys across continents, and learns about different countries. Ready to go on an adventurous journey?
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox World Traveller - The Costumes Puzzle

The Costumes Puzzle

Exciting multilayer puzzle where your child explores costumes of different countries!
Flintobox World Traveller - Country Banner

Country Banner

Engrossing activity where your child makes an impressive flag banner and matches the animals found in different countries.

Mini Travel Case

Time to put together an attractive travel case and go on an exciting pretend journey!
Flintobox World Traveller - Mili's Travel

Mili's Travel

Join Mili on her journey around the world as she sees new places and meets new folks.
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