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Flintobox - Inside the Box
  1. An activity box that makes the best use of your child's time at home
  2. New concepts to explore every month with 3 brain-tickling experiments
  3. Effectively channelises energy and helps children focus easily on tasks

Upcoming Flintobox Themes for 8-12 Yr Olds

Flintobox Guarantee: You will never get a box that you have already received. We produce fresh new themes every single month!

Your Questions Answered

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 + Can I try 1 box before heading for a subscription?
 + Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
 + Can I change my address in the middle of my subscription?
 + What age groups is Flintobox available for?
 + Is shipping free? To which places do you ship?
 + Is Cash On Delivery option available? What other payment options do you accept?
 + What if the activities are too easy or too difficult for my child?