93% of parents face these problems! How about you?
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Are you facing any of these
problems in raising your child?

Child spends Too Much Time On TV/Mobile

Lack of Age-appropriate Entertainment

Lack Of Interest In Learning

Lack Of Concentration & Easily Distracted

Don’t Worry!

10,49,786+ Parents found a solution to these problems!

An expert team of highly-skilled professionals have come up with a proven solution to engage 2-12 year old children productively -

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Child Psychologists


Pedagogy Experts


Material Engineers


Game Developers

360 degree

holistic growth

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How does

Solve The Parenting Problems?

Learning Made
Absolute Fun

Exciting Themes
Every Month

Introduces Age-Appropriate
Themes & Concepts

Engaging and
Meaningful Activities

Focuses on 16 Key
Developmental Areas

Colourful & Compelling
Product Design

Based on Child Psychology
& Behaviour Study

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Ankita Gandhi

I can't stop praising flintobox​, every month I get this box, its time to unload happiness, creativity,fun,all in all its sheer bliss. It has helped in revealing the creativity of my kid. Thank you team flinto. You have been a great help!!

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Rupa Gupta

My son calls himself "FLINTOBOY" and is very thrilled to get each month FLINTOBOX with new concepts, ideas, presentation. Advik was very addicted to TV & Mobile, but today if you keep these gadgets and Flintobox in front of him, he opts Flintobox. Hats off to the entire team!

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Ketkee Saxena

Thank you flintobox !! We thoroughly enjoyed the June months insect theme. It's very satisfying and reassuring that we have made the right decision in investing in this..all the games were very different from each other and interactive.

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Ashwini Naik Marathe

Flintobox is a magic box! It's really a superb idea for your child... my son is under its charm.eagerly looking forward for the next box. All the best to the entire team!

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Deepali Chadha Sood

Thank u flintobox. My child really loves a theme packed up in a box....it includes everything from learning, fun, reading and exploring. U won't believe but evrytym he opens up his box he greets the box by saying: "hi Flinto! How r u?". I must say my child is now mobile free. Keep the spirits ON n spread more cheers

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Prachi Maheshwari

Thanks Flintobox for providing so much nice activities and ideas to engage my Son Reyansh... Really had fabulous time doing all the activities daily...He started waiting for what's new today and excitingly waits for his Flinto time

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