FAQ - Flintobox

Frequently Asked Questions About Flintobox

+What is Flintobox?
+What is the price of Flintobox?
+Can I buy Flintobox online?
+Is Flintobox available for different age groups?
+What does the Flintobox for toddlers contain?
+What does the Flintobox for preschoolers contain?
+What does the Flintobox for 4-8 year-old contain?
+Should I buy Flintobox every month?
+Can I cancel my Flintobox subscription?
+Can I pause my Flintobox subscription? Can I skip a month?
+Can I change the address of my Flintobox delivery?
+Can my child do all the projects in the Flintobox by himself/herself?
+My child is very excited about Flintobox and he/she sometimes finishes all the activities pretty quickly. What should I do now?
+I'm homeschooling my child. Will Flintobox help me?
+How do I know I'm getting a call from Flintobox?
+Is shipping free? To which all places do you ship?
+How long does it take for my Flintobox to reach me?
+My account page says delivered, but I haven't received my Flintobox. Can you reship?
+My Flintobox got delivered, but a few items were missing. Will you reship the missing items?
+My Flintobox got delivered, but it looks damaged from outside. Should I accept the shipment?
Payment Methods
+Which all payment methods do you accept?
+Do you offer Cash on Delivery as payment option?
+I could not find my bank in your Net banking option. What should I do now?
+Should I be sharing any confidential information with you?