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Wildlife Safari - Activity Boxes for 4-8 Year Olds

Introduce your child to animals and wild habitats with Wildlife Safari! The jungle drums are beating! Our wild furry friends are roaring! Is your little tarzan and mowgli ready for a jolly adventure? Swing from trees, rescue animals, and live under a canopy of green with this month's Flintobox! Disclaimer: NO animals were harmed in the making of this box!
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Packed with 4 activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Wildlife Safari - My Safari Animals

My Safari Animals

Your little artist engages in fun finger painting to set safari animals on a wild exploration!
Flintobox Wildlife Safari - Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Your child treks across the world and learns about different species with some puzzling puzzles!
Flintobox Wildlife Safari - Jumbled in Jungle

Jumbled in Jungle

Your child needs to rescue our furry friends! A board game comprising heads, tails, and loads of fun!
Flintobox Wildlife Safari - My Binoculars

My Binoculars

Safari mode ON! A binocular for a closer look at your child's 'clawed' and 'pawed' friends!
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