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Healthy Little Champ -

Introduce your child to vegetables, health, and nutrition; and make them a Healthy Little Champ! Is eating healthy an anxious, troubling topic for your child? Make it appealing for your little champ with an assortment of engaging, practical activities - explore the world of plants; play with vegetables; and learn how rewarding eating healthy can be!
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Developmental Areas
Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Healthy Little Champ - My Vegetable Family

My Vegetable Family

Sensory activity for your child who creates a colourful family portrait using colourful sand.
Flintobox Healthy Little Champ - Little Chef Game

Little Chef Game

Interesting memory game in which your little chef whips up some tasty soup!
Flintobox Healthy Little Champ - My Gardening Kit

My Gardening Kit

Wonderful activity for your child to sow seeds and observe how a plant grows.
Flintobox Healthy Little Champ - Healthy Habit Chart

Healthy Habit Chart

Get your child to build a healthy eating habit with this one-of-a-kind activity!
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