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Sky Adventure - Activity Boxes for Preschoolers

Sky Adventure box is ready to take your little preschooler on an exciting exploration of the world up above! Your child will soar up above the atmosphere, learn about seasons, and take a peek into the celestial world! Because, for your little one, the sky is the only limit!
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Developmental Areas
cognition balance academic finemotor logical-reason sensory grossmotor confidence
Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Sky Adventure - My Sky Canvas

My Sky Canvas

Hands-on activity where your child creates a blue sky and add elements of the sky.
Flintobox Sky Adventure - Seasons & Clothes

Seasons & Clothes

Your child learns about the clothes worn during different seasons in this matching activity!
Flintobox Sky Adventure - My Suncatcher

My Suncatcher

Your child creates a colourful suncatcher, places it in a sunny room, and observes the dancing colours!
Flintobox Sky Adventure - Night Sky Counting

Night Sky Counting

With stencils and torchlight, your child counts different sky elements projected on the ceiling.
Flintobox Sky Adventure - Cloud Hop

Cloud Hop

Your preschooler hops from cloud to cloud, depending on the flash card shown as cue!
Flintobox Sky Adventure - Story Tell: Flinto & The Moon

Story Tell: Flinto & The Moon

Flinto goes on an imaginative adventure to spot the hiding Moon. Where could it be?
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