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Ocean Explorer -

Delve deep into an ocean of exciting activities with Ocean Explorer box because we have a thrilling adventure in store! Your little aquatic lover cruises into the underwater world; says hello to eels; travels in submarines; peers through a periscope for a closer look! Your child is sure to have a whale of a time!
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Ocean Explorer - My Aquarium

My Aquarium

Riveting activity that will tickle your child's senses as they set up an artistic aquarium.
Flintobox Ocean Explorer - Snuba-Do


Exciting game where your child sits at the edge of the seat to quickly match patterns of the underwater world!
Flintobox Ocean Explorer - My Submarine

My Submarine

Your child builds an underwater vehicle and explores the magical world of aquatic beings
Flintobox Ocean Explorer - Flinto & Friends: Lost At Sea

Flinto & Friends: Lost At Sea

Flinto and his friends are stranded and need to find their way back to Jollyville through the deep blue sea! Find out how.
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