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Nature Detective - Activity Boxes for Preschoolers

Hop in with your curious preschooler for some garden fun with the Nature Detective Flintobox! Watch your little one as they study the nitty-gritty details of garden life, delve into the deeper aspects of botany, and explore the colours of nature! This is sure to pave their path to becoming a first-class nature detective!
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Developmental Areas
Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Nature Detective - Balancing Tree

Balancing Tree

Hands-on activity where your child arranges the branches on the tree and masters the skill of balancing it with nature elements.
Flintobox Nature Detective - Colours in Nature

Colours in Nature

Riveting fine-motor activity where your child colour-matches different elements with their respective scrolls.
Flintobox Nature Detective - My Plants

My Plants

Exploratory activity where your child sows the seeds; sets up a weatherboard; observes the growth of their plants.
Flintobox Nature Detective -  Emo & The Plant

Emo & The Plant

Emo sows a seed in the soil and soon a green plant grows. But, where did its roots go?
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