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Marvellous Mechanics - Activity Boxes for 8-12 Year Olds

The Marvellous Mechanics Flintobox is a fantastic collection of activities that will teach your child about energy and forces. Through everyday experiments, your child will learn the application and fundamental principles behind the science of mechanics.
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read

Mechanical Claw

Exciting activity where your child puts together an arcade claw and learns about energy transformation through play!

Cogs Art

Addictive art activity where your child assembles a pattern maker and creates interesting and colourful patterns!

Magnetic Retriever

Riveting activity where your child builds a magnetic crane and explores the concept of electromagnetism in a fun manner.
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Fun With Electricity
Magical Magnets
Incredible Optics
Design Mania
Glowing Chemistry
Everyday Science
The Inventor
Mission Space
Fantastic Force
Ocean Navigator
Secret Agent
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