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Magical Insects - Activity Boxes for Toddlers

Behold, a fascinating kingdom of insects awaits your child! Magical Insects Flintobox is all set to teach your toddler about the enchanting world of bugs and insects. Is your little one ready to learn about the creepy-crawlies and buzzing honeybees? Get your child geared up with their magnifying glass and let's peek into this magical macro world!
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Magical Insects - Insect Maze

Insect Maze

Little adventure game where your child takes the ladybirds around the maze to their pairs.
Flintobox Magical Insects - Feed The Frog

Feed The Frog

Your child puts on the hungry frog puppet and feeds it with the insects that you call out aloud.
Flintobox Magical Insects - Spider Match

Spider Match

Your child matches itsy-bitsy spiders of different colours with their respective webs!
Flintobox Magical Insects - Caterpillar Puzzle

Caterpillar Puzzle

Interesting puzzle game for your toddler as they put together friendly and colourful caterpillars.
Flintobox Magical Insects -  Insect Tiles

Insect Tiles

Addictive play that's sure to tickle your child's logical skills as they match the insects on tiles with those on board.
Flintobox Magical Insects - Hide-and-Seek In The Garden

Hide-and-Seek In The Garden

Your child explores the garden in the story and finds a host of beautiful insects hiding!
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