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The Little Scientist - Activity Boxes for 4-8 Year Olds

Does your child ask a lot of questions about how things work? Then The Little Scientist box, packed with educational activities, is sure to nudge them into exploring the world of science at home. Let your curious little researcher carry out simple experiments, observe how things react, and learn a scientific concept or two in a fun manner. So, get set to turn your home into a mini science lab!
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Developmental Areas
finemotor imagination sensory grossmotor cognition balance academic confidence
Packed with 4 activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox The Little Scientist - Balloon Car

Balloon Car

Your child puts the car together and understands how the air pressure propels it to move
Flintobox The Little Scientist - Buzzer Maze

Buzzer Maze

Hands-on experiment for your child to learn about how an electrical circuit works
Flintobox The Little Scientist - iStyle Mania

iStyle Mania

Addictive game for your child to learn about magnetic attraction as they create different styles.
Flintobox The Little Scientist - Monster Slime

Monster Slime

In this sensory activity, your child explores how slime is formed. Shh…! There's a monster around!
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