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The Little Musician -

Is your child ready to build his/her own creative orchestra? The Little Musician box will strike a chord with every budding instrumentalist and singer! Fine tune your child's ear for music with exciting activities that will introduce them to percussion, string, and wind instruments. We're sure that with this box, your living room will be alive with the sound of music!
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox The Little Musician - One-Kid Band

One-Kid Band

Your all-in-one musician creates and dances to the beats of the drum and ankle tambourine!
Flintobox The Little Musician - Rain Stick

Rain Stick

Your child explores the sound of raindrops by creating from scratch this ancient instrument!
Flintobox The Little Musician - Musiquence


Exciting game of tic-tac-toe with a twist to tickle your little one's curiosity about musical instruments
Flintobox The Little Musician - Flinto & Friends: Musical Mishap

Flinto & Friends: Musical Mishap

Flinto and his friends form a band to perform at the school's annual day function. But Flinto is unable to sing! Find out what happens
Flintobox The Little Musician - Exploring Music

Exploring Music

With simple craft materials, your child creates interesting musical instruments.
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