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Little Farmer - Activity Boxes for Preschoolers

Transform your home into a tiny farmhouse with the Little Farmer box. With an array of exciting and thrilling activities, your preschooler gets to learn about the different farm-fresh produce and play with farm animals. Experience the mesmerising world of farming and reconnect with nature with this month's Flintobox.
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Little Farmer - Farm Puzzle

Farm Puzzle

Your child pretend plays as a farmer and learns about farm produce while solving this addictive puzzle!
Flintobox Little Farmer - My Li’l Hen

My Li’l Hen

Interesting activity where your preschooler assembles the nest and creates a little hen!
Flintobox Little Farmer - Woolly Sheep

Woolly Sheep

Your child makes the sheep colourful by matching the pom-poms and weaving the lace!
Flintobox Little Farmer -  My Berry Shrub

My Berry Shrub

Riveting game for your child where they align and take out the flowers and berries out of the shrub base.
Flintobox Little Farmer - Stacking The Crates

Stacking The Crates

Exploratory activity for your child to pattern-match the crates and stack; colour-match and place the fruits in crates!
Flintobox Little Farmer - Flinto And The Scarecrow

Flinto And The Scarecrow

Your child joins Flinto the octopus in search of the mysterious scarecrow.
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