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Little Architect - Activity Boxes for Preschoolers

Your little architect gets introduced to structures, house exteriors, shapes, and the neighbourhood! Get your preschooler to put on a safety helmet and pick up a geometry kit because we have a fun, constructive box in store! Your tiny planner acquires basic skills to build a house and understands what houses are actually made up of!
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Little Architect - Build A Home

Build A Home

Your child assembles the house and lays out a scenic surroundings!
Flintobox Little Architect - Houses At Night

Houses At Night

Silhouette matching game of the neighbourhood at night that can be a memory game as well!
Flintobox Little Architect - My Banner

My Banner

Your child puts together a colourful banner as a decoration for the wall!
Flintobox Little Architect - Build Neighbourhood

Build Neighbourhood

Your child designs a neighbourhood by laying roads; adding buildings. Then, pretend plays!
Flintobox Little Architect - Help The Pup

Help The Pup

Addictive two-player pretend game where players help the pup build its home!
Flintobox Little Architect - Count On The Go

Count On The Go

Emo needs to fix new windows. Get your child to help Emo count, find, and fix the windows!
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