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Lights and Shadows - Activity Boxes for 4-8 Year Olds

Lights and Shadows box is packed with a dazzling set of educational activities to teach your child the science of everyday life. From shadow theatre to invisible ink experiments, this box will throw the spotlight on the role lights and shadows play in the day-to-day life! So set your child's curiosity on fire and get ready for a little adventure with the mysterious black shapes that follow you around!
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Developmental Areas
Packed with 4 activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Lights and Shadows - Shadow Theatre

Shadow Theatre

Catch your seat in the living room theatre as your child puts up a fantastic shadow show!
Flintobox Lights and Shadows - Flash & Find

Flash & Find

Game of secret messages written with a magic pen that can only be viewed with a special light!
Flintobox Lights and Shadows - Shadow Play

Shadow Play

Educational activity where your child matches a picture with its shadow!
Flintobox Lights and Shadows - Flinto & Friends: Monster In The Room

Flinto & Friends: Monster In The Room

Flinto and his friends enjoy their sleepover when all of a sudden a dark monster appears. What happens next?
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