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Jungle Adventurer - Activity Boxes for Preschoolers

Ready to explore the jungle, the mighty jungle? The Jungle Adventurer box is loaded with thrilling educational activities to teach preschoolers about animals! Your child is introduced to different types of animals from herbivores and carnivores to omnivores. Join your child as he/she makes paw-ed friends, hangs from trees, and meets mysterious and scaly reptiles with our educational activities!
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Jungle Adventurer - My Jungle

My Jungle

Your child colours and creates a jungle scenario, puts on the lion hand puppet, and pretend plays!
Flintobox Jungle Adventurer - Gator Grabber

Gator Grabber

Your child enjoys a gator workout with the mechanical alligator toy picking up fish and gator babies.
Flintobox Jungle Adventurer - Paw Mystery

Paw Mystery

Your child helps the lost animals in the wild jungle by paw-printing their way out!
Flintobox Jungle Adventurer - Balancing Monkeys

Balancing Monkeys

Your child steadies the seesaw tree with hanging monkeys and enjoys the balancing act!
Flintobox Jungle Adventurer - Back To Jungle

Back To Jungle

Engrossing two-player game where your child helps animals reach their destination
Flintobox Jungle Adventurer - Jungle Hide-and-Seek

Jungle Hide-and-Seek

There are loads of animals lazing and grazing around in the wild. Can you spot them in every page?
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