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Jr Marine Scientist - Activity Boxes for Preschoolers

All hands on deck! The Jr Marine Scientist Flintobox is going to take your preschooler on an underwater voyage! Your aquatic enthusiast is going to have a whale of a time with a bunch of exciting puzzles and games. So, gear up with your gills and fins and dive into the deep underwater world!
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Jr Marine Scientist - My Fish Puppet

My Fish Puppet

Your child creates a colourful fish puppet from scratch and pretend plays in this fun activity.
Flintobox Jr Marine Scientist - Fish The Fish

Fish The Fish

Exciting coordination game where your child goes fishing with their own fishing rod!
Flintobox Jr Marine Scientist - Hidden On The Shore

Hidden On The Shore

Interesting two-player puzzle game where each player discovers the hidden objects!
Flintobox Jr Marine Scientist - Emy and the Mysterious Island

Emy and the Mysterious Island

Your little sailor is about to go on a thrilling underwater adventure with Emy!
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