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Incredible Insects - Activity Boxes for Preschoolers

A hive of activities is in store for your little one! Incredible Insects box is all set to take your preschooler into the marvellous world of bugs. Is your little one ready to get bzzz-y with some exciting learning activities? From observing the different dimensions of antennae-clad creatures to understanding the intricacies of bugs, we have it all!
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Developmental Areas
finemotor balance imagination sensory cognition logical-reason grossmotor communication
Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Incredible Insects - Flies In Garden

Flies In Garden

Your child sets up a mini garden and balances the insects on the plants!
Flintobox Incredible Insects - Insect Observatory

Insect Observatory

Observation box with a lens on top for your child to study the details of a creepy-crawly!
Flintobox Incredible Insects - Honeycomb


Coordination game where your little helper assists the honeybees to collect nectar!
Flintobox Incredible Insects - Ice Stuck

Ice Stuck

Exciting activity where your child breaks ice with a toy mallet to take out a frozen insect.
Flintobox Incredible Insects - Spot The Insects

Spot The Insects

Your child matches the insects that look the same. There are two levels to this game!
Flintobox Incredible Insects -  Flinto & His Glow Friend

Flinto & His Glow Friend

On his return from camping in the forest, Flinto has a glowing encounter!
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