Green Warrior - Activity Box for 6-8 Years | Flintobox

Green Warrior - Activity Boxes for 6-8 Year Olds

It's time for your planet warrior to arise! Get your little earth lover geared up for some green fun with the Green Warrior Flintobox! From building a sustainable eco-friendly house to segregating waste, your child learns it all! Are you ready to reuse, reduce, and recycle? Let's begin!
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Developmental Areas
critical-reasoning finemotor vocabulary creativity-imagination finemotor spatial-reasoning
Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read

Compost Planter

Riveting hands-on activity where your child learns about seed germination, waste segregation and composting!

Go Green Bag

Creative activity where your child imprints and decorates an eco-friendly cloth bag to use for daily needs!

Sustainable Home

Exciting activity where your child sets up a house with a pretend vegetable garden, rainwater harvesting system, and solar panel!
Flintobox Green Warrior - Let's Go Green

Let's Go Green

Join Benji and his friend as they help their neighbours understand the proper way to segregate and dispose garbage!
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