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Colour Carnival - Activity Boxes for Toddlers

This month's Flintobox will transform your house into a mini colour carnival! A fiesta with exciting patterns and hues is in store! Your toddler witnesses a parade of vibrant carousels and revels in a celebration of colours with Colour Carnival box. So, get ready for a spree of fun, excitement, and a brilliant learning experience!
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Colour Carnival - Colourful Balloons

Colourful Balloons

Your child adds life to Emo's balloon party by matching colourful patterns.
Flintobox Colour Carnival - Link The Vehicles

Link The Vehicles

Fun sorting and stringing activity where your child learns about vehicles with colours.
Flintobox Colour Carnival - Colour Rings

Colour Rings

Intriguing puzzle where your toddler is introduced to different geometric shapes.
Flintobox Colour Carnival - Roll With Colours

Roll With Colours

Using a roller brush, your child paints the punch-out cards in different colours.
Flintobox Colour Carnival - Go Fishing

Go Fishing

Exciting activity where your child uses tongs and sorts fish by size and colour!
Flintobox Colour Carnival - Emo And The Rainbow

Emo And The Rainbow

The rain stops, but there's no rainbow still! Emo gathers paints to create one!
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