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Automobile Adventure - Activity Boxes for Toddlers

Automobile Adventure contains truckloads of fun activities on transport, automobiles, and more for your toddler! Is your little automobile enthusiast ready to vroom and zoom around the town? Your child meets the wheeled wonders that zip through on tar, sail the seas, and fly past the clouds because with Flintobox, there's no dead end to learning! Caution: Loads of Fun Ahead!
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Automobile Adventure - Colourful Car

Colourful Car

Your child sorts and fits different tiles by shape to completes the car!
Flintobox Automobile Adventure - On The Go

On The Go

Your child matches vehicles with their outlines and learns about land, water, and air transport.
Flintobox Automobile Adventure - Wheels On The Bus

Wheels On The Bus

Imaginative role play for your child where they sing the rhyme and drive around the town!
Flintobox Automobile Adventure - Tractor Trails

Tractor Trails

Engaging art activity in which your child rolls the tractor from one page to another and takes it to the fields.
Flintobox Automobile Adventure - Link The Vehicles

Link The Vehicles

Fun activity where your child sorts the vehicles by type and learns to string them together.
Flintobox Automobile Adventure - Emo's Toy Ride

Emo's Toy Ride

Your child goes around the house with Emo and helps in organising all the toys!
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