Science Printable Worksheets For 8-10 Year-Olds [Free Download]

Does your child have a lot of questions about how things work? The science behind, that is. When you face such a situation what do you do? You try to explain the concept, but how much of it does he/she comprehend? Well, we’ve something for you that is sure to tickle your kid’s curious mind. Here’s our first set of free downloadable science printable worksheets for 8-10 year-olds.

In this set of 4 printable worksheets, your child learns about science concepts like magnetism, electric circuit, potential and kinetic energy, in a simple manner. This apart, he/she meets a few cool people of the science world (in paper, of course). Hint: They are discoverers, inventors, scientists, etc.

All you have to do is, click on the link, take a printout, and let your child go on a science-filled adventure. Don’t forget to give them pencils and sketch pens!

Science Printable Worksheets For Kids

Science Printable Worksheets

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Let’s Get Moving

We all have energy stored in us, even when we are not doing any work. This type of stored energy is Potential energy. The energy that we have while we are moving is Kinetic energy.

We’ve some pictures that will help you understand these concepts better. Look at them and label as Potential or Kinetic energy.

How this activity helps: Your child learns about potential and kinetic energy; draws a sequence for potential and kinetic energy.

It’s A Magnetic World

Guess the correct word to complete the sentences. Hint: There are clues hidden in each picture!

How this activity helps: Your child’s observation improves as he/she looks for clues. Your child learns vocabulary related to magnetism.

Get, Set, Glow!

There is a battery, there is a bulb, and there is a switch stuck in the maze. Now all you have to do is help the battery through the maze to collect the switch, so the light bulb can glow!

How this activity helps: Your child learns about how to complete an electrical circuit. Your child’s visual tracking and logical skills are put to test.

We Are As Cool As You!

We are famous and we are as cool as you. Read the clues and guess who we are!

How this activity helps: Your child learns to identify the persona and what he/she was known for.


Your child was introduced to a few science concepts and personas of the science world. Now then, how about asking your little scientist to try them out at home? Well, doing science experiments at home is one of the best ways for a child to retain what he/she learns. So, why not give it a try!

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