Healthy Little Champ Printable Worksheets For Kids [Free Download]

How often does your child make that face to eat a vegetable? Well, no amount of stress is going to make that easier on either of you. We can only say so much, fret not! Just sit back and take a look at Healthy Little Champ Flintobox that will just wish away your child’s eating woes. With a bunch of activities that encourage him/her to learn more about eating healthy, how plants grow, and many more! This apart, we are giving away free downloadable healthy little champ printable worksheets.

In this set of 4 printable worksheets help improve your child’s key skills like logical, cognitive, visual tracking, etc. He/she also gets a chance to explore his/her creativity!

All you have to do is, click on the link, take a print-out of the activity sheets, and hand them over to your kids. Don’t forget to give them pencils, crayons and sketch pens!

Healthy Little Champ Printable Worksheets For Kids

Healthy Little Champ Printable Worksheets

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Fruit or Not!

Can you spot the fruits among the images given below? Well, cut them out, sort them, and stick them under the columns, ‘Fruits’ or ‘Not Fruits.’

How this activity helps: Your child learns to differentiate between fruits and vegetables. This activity helps you discuss about fruits, where they grow, how they differ from vegetables, etc.


Symmetry Match

Fruits and vegetables have been cut in half and are spread all over! Identify and match the correct symmetrical halves of vegetables and fruits. Accordingly, colour each symmetrical half.

How this activity helps: Your child pays attention to details to find the correct symmetrical halves.


My Fruit Bowl

How about a fruity bash? Just colour and cut the fruits out. Stick them in any manner you like to make your own delicious fruit bowl.

How this activity helps: Your child imagines and creates an assorted fruit bowl. In this activity, your child identifies the fruits and their colours.


Garden Search

Words are hiding in this garden puzzle! Look for the words given below.

How this activity helps: While trying to find the words, your child’s observation improves. With this activity, your child becomes familiar with garden-related vocabulary.


Want your child to eat healthy? Start by letting him/her help you in kitchen. There are a bunch of activities your child could try in the kitchen like sorting vegetables, kneading dough, etc. Besides, take him/her to the market, grow a vegetable at home, etc. Gardening helps your child not only unwind after a school day, but also on a long run turns into a hobby.

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