Garden Explorer Printable Worksheets For Toddlers [Free Download]

Does two-year-old get excited about stepping into a garden, exploring the world of plants and different creatures? Then, this month’s Garden Explorer Flintobox is a sure shot way to engage your toddler with exciting activities that let him/her learn more about this multicoloured and interesting realm. In addition, you have access to free downloadable garden explorer printable worksheets.

In these worksheets, your child learns about the different elements of a garden, about gardening, etc. Besides, they boost his/her skills including visual tracking, language, cognitive, hand-eye coordination, and so on.

All you have to do is, click on the link, take a print-out of the activity sheets, and hand them over to your kids. Don’t forget to give them pencils, crayons and sketch pens!

Garden Explorer Printable Worksheets For Toddlers

Garden Explorer Printable Worksheets

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Vegetable Patch

Help your toddler colour the vegetables and learn their names.

How this activity helps: Your toddler learns the names of vegetables. In this activity, you help your child associate vegetables with their colours.

Garden Tools

Help your toddler colour and learn the names of tools used for gardening.

How this activity helps: Your toddler is introduced to garden and the different garden tools. In this activity, your child tries to associate the gardening tools with their names.

Water the Plants

Help your toddler draw along the dotted lines from the watering cans to the plants.

How this activity helps: Your toddler draws along the dotted lines to water the plants. With this activity, you can help your child learn how a plant grows.

Colourful Petals

Help your toddler trace along the dotted lines to complete the flowers and then colour them.

How this activity helps: As your toddler draws along the dotted lines, it improves the coordination skill. Your child learns that flowers have different types of petals.


The garden explorer printable worksheets are a way to reiterate about the different lives in a garden. You can take your toddler to a nearby park and play a game of spot it, I spy, etc. This apart, you can make flashcards that your little one could colour. Gardening is a beautiful way to keep your closer to the natural world. It can develop into a hobby too!

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