Transport Printable Worksheets For Preschoolers [Free Download]

Which is your child’s favourite vehicle? Does your preschooler ask a lot of question about how different modes of transport works? Does he/she love to pretend play like a vehicle — vroom like a car, chug like a train, etc? Well, the Little Transporter Flintobox is just the theme for your little one. Your child ventures into a world of automobile with activities that encourage hands-on learning how things (each vehicle) work. Plus, your get 4 transport printable worksheets that can be downloaded for free.

Through these worksheets, your little one solves some sums, completes the vehicles, and learns to differentiate vehicles. Thus improving upon his/her observation, numeracy, creative, cognitive, and logical skills.

Now, all you’ve to do is, click on the link, take a print-out of the worksheets, and hand them over to your kid. Keep his/her stationery kit at the ready, then!

Transport Printable Worksheets For Preschoolers

Transport Printable Worksheets

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Complete The Vehicles

One half of the given vehicles is coloured, while the other half is invisible!

Help your preschooler trace along the dotted lines and colour to get the complete vehicles.

How this activity helps: Your preschooler keenly observes and completes the vehicles. To your child, talk about each vehicle, how both vehicles are different. For eg: Car has four wheels, while auto has three.

Sort & Colour

Among those given below, which of the following are modes of transport?

Help your preschooler colour the objects that take people from one place to another.

How this activity helps: Your preschooler identifies the objects that transport people from one place to another. With your child, discuss about how each vehicle is unique; describe each of them.

Match The Vehicles & Names

Vehicles and words are all over the place!

Help your preschooler match the vehicles with their names.

How this activity helps: Your preschooler matches the vehicles with their names. Begin sight-reading; read each letter aloud and ask your child to follow. For eg: T-R-A-I-N.

How Many Vehicles?

It’s counting time! So get ready to add the numbers.

Help your preschooler count and write the number of vehicles.

How this activity helps: Your preschooler identifies the vehicles by their names and tries to count. Help your child write each number; teach addition in a simple manner.


You can further your child’s knowledge about the different modes of transport by playing a game of describe the vehicle, simple do-it-yourself activities at home, playing a game of count the number of vehicles when you go out, etc.

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