Amazing Animals Worksheet For Toddlers [Free Download]

Was that a growl or a gigantic roar? If you aren’t very sure, then join us for some fun learning in the jungle! Flintobox is on an animal mission with puzzles, games, and amazing animals worksheet! This month’s box for toddlers is Amazing Animals to take kids on a wildlife exploration!

It’s always fun to learn about animals because children have a huge fondness and fascination towards them. As an extension of the Amazing Animals Flintobox, we decided to create a free amazing animals worksheet for toddlers! Right in time with the release of Jungle Book, our animal-friendly printables will help kids in the identification of animals and their habitats. The worksheet will largely improve your little one’s growth in communication, academic, logical, and problem-solving skills.

All you have to do is, click on the link, take a print-out of the activity sheets, and hand them over to your kids. Don’t forget to give them pencils, crayons and sketch pens!

Amazing Animals Printable Worksheet
Amazing Animals – Printable Worksheet

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Amazing Animals Worksheet For Toddlers
Activity One: Animal Twins

Connect the animals on the left to the matching animals on the right by drawing a line.

How this helps: Your child is introduced to domestic animals that he/she sees on a day-to-day basis. The activity will also help boost your child’s fine motor, academic, and logical reasoning skills.
Activity Two: Odd Animal Out
Circle or tick the odd one out in every row!
How this helps: Your child is able to understand differences and similarities by picking the odd one out. This helps in improving your child’s logical reasoning, cognitive, and fine motor skills.
Activity Three: Animal Party
Time for a party with Mr. Giraffe and Mr. Dinosaur! Colour the animals using sketch pens, colour pencils and crayons!
How this helps: Your child colours these animals and passively understands the animal structure. This activity helps in improving fine motor and coordination skills.
Activity Four: Take Me Home
The animals are tired! Time to take them home. Join the dots and enjoy this tracing activity!
How this helps: Your child takes care of animals by sending them home to take rest. This helps in improving your child’s social, motor, and caring skills.

Apart from the activity worksheets, you can extend the animal learning process for toddlers. This can be done by visiting a farm, going on a nature walk, visiting a zoo, or even taking a walk down your road to introduce kids to domestic animals!

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