Jungle Adventurer Animal Preschooler Worksheet [Free Download]

The scorching summer is a complete bummer for kids since they have to stay indoors all day long. If you’re on the lookout for some amazing indoor fun for your kids, then you’ve reached the right page! We have loads of activities and worksheets to keep your tiny tots meaningfully occupied. This month, Flintobox is on an animal mission! Since it’s too hot to go for a trip to the zoo, how about bringing one to your living room? The box for preschoolers ‘Jungle Adventurer‘ is packed with friendly growling creatures to take kids on a wildlife exploration! And in addition, we’ve giving away a free animal preschooler worksheet!

Our animal-friendly activity sheets will help kids identify animals and learn about their lifestyle. Children will develop skills while engaging with the animal preschooler worksheet.

All you have to do is, click on the link, take a print-out of the sheets, and hand them over to your kids. Don’t forget to give them pencils, crayons and sketch pens!

Jungle Adventurer Animal Preschooler Worksheet

Jungle Adventurer Animal Preschooler Worksheet

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Activity One: Find The Way
Solve this puzzle and help baby elephant reach his mother!
How this helps: Your child finds different options around the maze and saves the animal. This improves your child’s motor, cognitive, and exploratory skills.
Activity Two: What’s My Name?
Trace the animal’s name by joining the dots!
How this helps: Your child improves his/her communication skills by writing the words. This activity also helps in fine motor, academic and coordination skills.
Activity Three: Colour Me
Use sketch pens, colour pencils, or crayons, and add life to these animals!
How this helps: Your child colours these animals and understands animal structures. This activity helps in improving fine motor and coordination skills.
Activity Four: Puppet Time!
Cut along the dotted lines, glue the ends of the band together, and put them on your fingers!
How this helps: Your child enjoys a pretend-play activity and tells animal stories to family. This helps improve communication, social, and imaginative skills.



Apart from the activity worksheets, you can extend the animal learning process for preschoolers by visiting a farm, having a pet animal, going on a nature walk, visiting a zoo, or even taking a walk down your road to introduce kids to animals!

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