5 Vital Reasons Spending Time With Your Child Is Absolutely Important

The major problem that today’s parents face is that, with all the mounting work and household chores, spending time with their child becomes difficult. To make it up, they reluctantly buy new toys, dresses and other gifts. But can these gifts make it up for quality family time?

Sadly, the answer is no.

The lack of quality time and its impact on your child’s development, cannot be compensated by expensive toys and gifts [SOURCE: Telegraph]. Family time is an opportunity for your child to unburden himself/herself, interact, learn ideals and develop his/her character.

But there are ways in which you can spend quality time with your child, without sacrificing on your busy schedule. I will share them with you. But before that, let me first explain how family time impacts your child.
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5 reasons why spending time with your child is important

1) You get to know your child betterget to know your child better - flintobox

The main advantage of quality family time is that you get to know your child better. He/she might have some issues, thoughts or fears bothering him/her, affecting his/her performance in academics and other activities.

Family time lets your child share these thoughts and issues and be at ease. Also spending time with your little one allows you to observe and assess his/her strengths and weaknesses. This helps you to guide him/her in tackling different tasks and issues.

2) It helps in right upbringingright upbringing - flintobox

Kids learn a lot from observing the world and people around them. Family time allows your child to spend more time with you. Through it, he/she will be able to observe you and learn the important values and traits that you posses.

Also, if left to his/her own judgement, he/she will not develop the desired virtues and and may even end up with some undesired ones. Family time reduces this by letting you constantly monitor and guide him/her accordingly.

3) Decreases violencequality family time decreases violence - flintobox

Quality family time makes your child happy and refreshes their minds.

Research shows that children who get to spend more time with their family will be less aggressive or violent.

He/she becomes more open minded and does not easily get into fights or be bullied.

Thus it aids in building a better character in him/her.

4) Improves academic performancebetter academic performance - flintobox

Happy kids are the result of quality family time.

More family time means less worries for you child.

This enables him/her to concentrate and involve better at the work at hand with much more ease.

And so he/she will be able to perform better at academics and extracurricular activities.

5) Results in better social interactionsbetter social interactions - flintobox

With quality family time, he/she will get to bond and interact with you and other members of the family.

With time, he/she will be able interact with others outside the family with the same ease.

Thus with quality family time, you gradually nurture a child with better social interactions and better character.


With quality family time, your child becomes less aggressive, receives better guidance and builds a better bond with you. These increase his/her social relationship and thus helps in his/her development.

Now, there are ways through which you can have quality time with your child without having to sacrifice your work. Go ahead and enjoy some quality family time. Before you go, it would be great if you could share your views and experiences.

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