20 Hilarious Instances All Parents Face!

What You Say and What Kids Hear“Come back here. We’re late,” says Dinesh. His five-year-old runs back into the house and doesn’t emerge for the next 15 minutes.

Wonder what the child was thinking. Do you roll your eyes every time your child does that?

They seem to listen us but god knows what they understand! Kids interpret us in a whole new way.
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Here are 20 hilarious instances to establish that:

1) Papa says, “Go get your pants.”

Kimi hears: “Pull out all your pants from the drawer, spread them on the floor, make a mat out of them and put Buggy, the Labrador, on it to sleep!”

2) Mamma says, “It’s time to sleep.”

Vivaan hears: “Let’s wear pyjamas and play footsie on the bed till mamma feels half dead and Papa is snoring loud enough to wake the entire community.”

3) Papa and mamma say, “Arrange your toys.”

Shovik hears: “Scoop everything from the floor. Shove some stuff under the bed. Reach mamma‘s cupboard. Shove everything else inside so that when mamma opens her wardrobe, all the toys fall on her head!”

4) Papa says, “Hurry up, we’re getting late for school.”

Neeti hears: “Slowly twist your ponytails, sway from side to side, lift your tiny skirt and scratch your bum, drag yourself towards the elevator and then suddenly cry, ‘My school bag. I forgot my school bag!'”

5) Mamma says, “Don’t waste water.”

Vihaan hears: “Leave the tap running, make a swimming pool on the bathroom floor, pull out all the toothbrushes from the rack, and brush the floor. After that’s done, clean the commode!”

6) Mamma says, “I’ve an important phone call, please be quiet.”

Yohana hears: “Let me try and drop all the pans on the floor. Drag them out of the kitchen. Set them on the table and play drums with them. Mamma is busy na?”

7) Papa says, “Go and play with your toys.”

Shaurya hears: “Pull out papa’s ties from his cupboard. Make a lasso out of them. Put the lasso around the bed post and pull the bed. I’m a strong pirate and I’m pulling my ship!”

8) Mamma says, “Say hello to aunty, Silky.”

Silky hears: “Do pfftt and drench the aunty with your far flying spit!”

9) Mamma says, “TV time is over. Let’s turn it off.”

Suhana hears: “Hide the remote and watch TV till mamma is busy looking for it and then run with the TV remote till mamma is too tired to chase any more.”

10) Mamma says, “Time for homework…” in a sing-song voice

Gargi hears: “Come Gargi, I’m now going to torment you for your own good.”

11) Papa says, “Be careful when you cross the road.”

Sheyas hears: “Run haywire after the cars like you would on a football field and then cry when mamma holds your hand tightly.”

What You Say and What Kids Hear12) Mamma says, “Don’t pee in your pants. Wake me up if you have to go.”

Arohan hears: “Pee on the bed till the pee is dripping down the sheets and then cry and wake mamma up since your clothes are too wet to sleep in.”

13) Mamma says, “Stand up and narrate your poem for Daadi.”

Disha hears: “Rattle the poem at the speed of 100 Km per second so that mamma cannot understand a single word and Daadi cannot stop giggling.”

14) Mamma says, “Behave properly with Aunty Sushma at home.”

Himanshu hears: “Ask aunty Sushma embarrassing questions till she blushes. Tell her embarrassing details about mamma and papa. Don’t listen to her instructions. Oh yes, tell her that you like Aunty Ameeta more!”

15) Mamma says, “I will think about buying that car.”

Vivaan hears: “Ask me a zillion times and then stomp your foot and make a scene on the road till I’m too frazzled to even think straight and buy you that toy car right now.”

16) Papa says, “Don’t roam around naked!”

Siddhant hears: “Roam around in the living room naked like you’re walking on the beach and fidget with your pee pee . Make adorable expressions and look like you’ve never done a single wrong thing in your life.”

17) Mamma says, “I’m going home without you if you don’t get off that swing right now!”

Divit hears: “Look around the park to see if friends are listening. Then thrust the swing a little harder and wave back to mom!”

18) Papa says, “C’mon let’s finish writing that ‘D’ now.”

Freya hears: “Stare at the ‘D’ till it looks as big as a bear. Then look at daddy and ask for some snack. Don’t forget to make a Cinderella face!”

19) Mamma says, “Can you please play by yourself for 10 minutes?”

Dolly hears: “Please bring out a toy from the cupboard to play with. Sit next to mamma and ask her a zillion questions for the next 15 minutes about the origin and history of the toy!”

20) Mamma says, “Sit and eat!”

Vivaan hears: “Run around with the spoon stuck to your mouth. Then spill the spoon and the half chewed chapati on the floor. Make a kitten face. Then say, “I’m not feeling well, mamma!”

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Do you know what your kids make of what you say? Share one such instance with us in the ‘Comments’ section below.

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