16 Simple & Creative Ways To Reward Your Child [Must Try!]

Your child is at home and to keep them occupied, you let them help you around the house.

Perhaps, they help you with doing the dishes or by making the beds.

And all through the week, they continue to help out.

How can you show your appreciation?Parent rewards child

By giving them a reward, of course!

It not only makes them feel good about their choices but also reinforces that what they are learning or doing is right.

Positive reinforcement is a huge motivation!

But then, you cannot step out of your house at the current moment.

Worry not!

We have a list of creative and amusing ways to reward your child. (And hey, it’s quite rewarding for you as well!)

And, the best part about it is — you don’t have to step out of your house for it!

Yes, you read it right.

At-home rewards, absolutely!

So, just settle down and read these 16 simple yet creative ways to reward your child:

Rewards needn’t always be store-bought. They can be gestures or homemade personalised gifts.

Imagine how excited your child becomes when you choose to spend the time with them on a weekday, instead of going to work!

Also, a big plus:

It’s a cherishing experience for your child and you!

1) Those old days

Dust the old photo albums of yours or find the videos of your childhood and your wedding; settle down with your child.

Show them your photos or videos and chat about your childhood.

Your little one will surely enjoy knowing more about you!

2) Blow bubbles

Make your own homemade bubble solution and get ready to blow some bubbles!

Watch your child jump up with joy as they blow bubbles and observe them stay afloat!

Works for all ages, as a way to unwind.

3) Play hopscotch

What a fun way to stretch your legs at home!

Use some tape or chalk to draw a hopscotch on the floor and get started.

Get ready to toss, skip, jump, and reach the end!

Who do you think will win?

4) Show off your dance movesparent and child dance together

Nothing like making a fool of yourself in front of your child than by dancing!

Let your child select a few songs and then dance to the tunes alongside them.

Ask them to teach you a step or two!

5) Dress up

Let your child pick out an outfit for you and them.

Dress up, pose, and click some snaps!

Or, a funny costume party for you and your child is another way to look at.

Who would your little one dress up as?

6) Tent at home

Pitch a tent (using your blankets, of course) in your living room and get ready to camp.

Pack a bag of food, boardgame, and blankets. Head out to the camp!

Shh… can you hear an owl hoot?

What sort of camping stories can you share?

7) Whisper game

All of you settle down and whisper a funny word (Eg: Timbuktu or Honululu) or short sentence to your child.

Ask them to whisper it to the next person. Continue the game and the last person says it out loud!

Have a good laugh as you hear the words or sentences all muddled up!

8) Playtime with mom/dad

Designate a separate playtime for your child with you and your spouse.

It’s an exclusive playdate where your little one can decide what to play with one of their parents.

Yep, a simple game of hide-and-seek or catch also counts!

9) Secret language

If stories are an everyday routine, then perhaps you can come up with a new language.

A secret language just for you and your child!

Wouldn’t it be Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (like Mary Poppins says)?

10) Shapes in food

Roll out the chapati dough into different shapes or make dosas that aren’t round. Imagine a cat-shaped dosa or house-shaped chapati!

Whip up a colourful side dish and your child is sure to feel excited about their special reward.

11) At-home rock concert

What a fun reward for your child as they play some music with utensils and their parents are a part of it!

Pick out the utensils and play some of your child’s favourite tunes.

Or, maybe it can be all the clattering and banging of pots and pans!

12) Hold a medal ceremony

Well, this needs a bit of preparation, so get a medal ready for your child. Make use of cardboard, paints, and some ribbon to make the medal.

Then, surprise your child with a simple medal ceremony as a reward.

Remember to click a snap!

13) Obstruction challenge

Put the old cardboard boxes to good use with an obstruction path.

Play the game in the likes of ‘lemon and spoon’. Just ensure there is enough space to place a game of obstructions.

Remember to time the game. Let’s see who completes it quickly.

14) Freeze game

This is definitely a rewarding time for your child as you try to stand like a statue.

Count from 1 to 3 and then stand like a statue! Let’s see how long your child and you can stand still!

Would there be a lot of giggling?

15) Time to spoon-feed

We mean that you can take out time to feed your child breakfast, lunch, or dinner if your child has begun to eat independently.

It’s sure to be a hit with your little one!

16) Bedtime storiesparent & child read a book

If you are pressed for time at bedtime regularly, then rewarding your child with a bedtime story is definitely a must-try!

Pick out their favourite book(s) and read it. Remember to modulate your voice!

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Go ahead, give these rewards a try!

So, how do you decide on the reward?

Keep track with a rewards chart

You and your child can decide on what would be the week’s task and the reward (it can be a secret, too!).

Then, jot down in the rewards chart.

Put the rewards chart up at a place your child can access.

Each day as your child can make a note of their progress.

At the end of the week, it’s time to reward your child, depending on their progress.

It’s as simple as that!

Before you go away…

We have some BONUS reward ideas for you to try!

So, read on:

Here are a few elaborate ideas to reward your child:

1) Laugh away

Both of you can come up with jokes or share funny stories that tickle your funny bones.

How about tickling each other? All those tears of laughter!

2) Food for the day parent & children with food

Perhaps, when your child completes a tough or simple task, they can choose the dish for the day.

Plus, you can ask them to lend a hand.

3) Write a song

Don’t be shy! Singing your child’s favourite songs is a way to reward.

Perhaps, you could put your heads together and come up with a tune of your own.

Alternatively, wouldn’t it be fun to write a song for your child?

4) Make your portraits

Settle down with your child’s art kit — colour pencils, crayons, paints — and papers.

Ask your child to draw you and the rest of the family, one by one. Let’s add a dash of colours as well!

Wouldn’t it be fun to see what they come up with?

5) Paper crafts

Reuse the old newspapers, charts, coloured papers to create interesting crafts.

Teach your child a few paper-folding techniques as you go.

You can reuse and stick the bits of paper to create your own mosaic art!

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6) Paint walk

Your child and you could go on a walk at home — in newspapers, of course!

Have a long walking space, then, stack and spread newspapers on the floor. Keep some paint ready.

Dip your feet in paint and go for a walk!

(Psst, you can make a pathway to the washroom to wash your feet and it’s less messy!)parent & child give hi-five

7) Quiz away

Here is a chance for your child to ask you questions!

Your child could choose a topic and quiz you. Make sure to keep the timer and two teams to participate!

Hope you know the answers to their questions.

8) Puppet time

Time to put the old cardboard boxes and art supplies to good use!

Let your child choose the characters or elements they want to make props with.

Use them to put on a puppet show!

9) Build up

Your child and you can plan how your mini neighbourhood or city would look like and go on about creating it.

This can be a wholesome activity where you can cut and paste; draw and colour to create a small neighbourhood.

10) Colourful pen stand

Add a little bit of zing to the pen stand on your desk!

Let your child choose if they want to paint it or stick coloured papers and get started on your little project.

11) Do a magic show

It’s abracadabra time!

Put on your magic hat and put on on a magic show.

Of course, you need to learn a few new tricks beforehand.

For starters, do give the good old peek-a-boo a try!

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12) Solve puzzles

Make use of those jigsaw puzzles that you’ve left solve for another time!

Your child and you could solve it piece by piece!

13) Design a game

What sort of a game can your child and you design?

It could be just about anything. Perhaps, a different version of snakes and ladders?

So, set aside some time to spend with your child for designing a game!

14) Something sweet

Go all the way for some special dessert — a homemade cake, halwa, or even a sorbet (if you don’t mind something cold).

Your child’s sweet craving can be rewarded for a change!

And, that’s all folks!

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