10 Hacks Every Mom Should Know

10 hacks every mom should knowA child gives birth to a mother and needless to say, mothers are born to multi-task.

As mothers, there are times when we all feel we are short of hands and legs.

The work around the house and kids never seems to be done.

While there are ample tips on time management and equipping yourself with great energy and ideas to work endlessly, a few mom hacks, as we love to call them, come handy in saving the day.

Read on to know more about time saving hacks that makes life for mothers a little easier:

1) No sugar in milk at bedtime

This makes for a great mom hack. Is your toddler jumping around with high energy when you just want to make him/her sleep at night? If you give your kids milk at bedtime, avoid adding sugar. Sugar is highly nourishing and gives instant energy. Avoid sugary foods at night if you want to save on your time to make kids sleep. Sigh!

2) A stamp for kids names

If your child keeps losing books or toys and you find the need to constantly label his/her items, a simple rubber stamp for your kid’s names and perhaps address can be of great help. I have been stamping all storybooks that are my son’s prized possessions– not only others come to know who the book belongs to, it also makes my son happy to stamp and have fun!

Testimonial 1 - Lakshmi G Mohan - Flintobox3) Remove gum out with ice

How we moms wish advertising for chewing gum was banned! When the chewing gum inevitably gets somewhere it’s not supposed to be–hair, clothes, chair–reach for an ice cube.

Clamping the gum between two ice cubes for a minute will freeze it, making it rigid and easier to scrape off.

4) Use flour instead of clay

Play dough is every child’s favourite but once it is out of the box, there’s hardly a chance they can use it again before it dries up. Make your own non toxic play dough at home with flour, water, and food colouring. Voilà!

5) Organize soft toys

An easy and good-looking way to store soft or stuffed toys is to hang a rope from the ceiling and use clothes pins to attach the stuffed animals to the rope. An interesting way to decorate your child’s room, what say?

6) Display family photos 10 time saving mom hacks

If you, like me, are fond of clicking photos of your kids and love to display them without spending much on expensive frames, you may display them on your fridge door with magnets. Take print-outs on gumming paper or just stick numerous photos on the bathroom door with a double sided tape. Another way is to put a string across or in a corner of the room and attach photos with clothes pins or stationery clips. Not only does it show your kids how much you adore them, it also brings back happy memories. Let your children help you in selecting and displaying photographs, a great way to spend family time!

7) Use newspaper as mats

So your child drops more food than he can eat and you are constantly cleaning tables and mats? Use glossy newspapers as mats and to cover every surface possible. The glossy newsprint can’t be torn easily and lasts longer. Newspaper easily makes the best use-and-throw mats for kitchen and dining, you bet.

8) Use bathrobe in the morning

If you’re a working mom who has to cook, feed kids, and also get ready on time, buy yourself a bathrobe. Wonder why? After you get dressed, simply pull your bathrobe over your clothes. You will never have to bother about unexpected stain or spill ever again!

9) Use empty bottles as piggy bank

Use the empty soft drink bottles as piggy bank; 200 or 300 ml plastic bottles are a great options. A bottle each for a denomination of notes! Stuff the twenties in a bottle, fifties in another and hundreds in the third one. Watch your funds grow and they also make interesting showpieces. Agree?


10) Lunch box notes

So you have tried all colourful foods to make your child eat his/her lunch box and failed? Try putting small love-notes on post-its in your child’s lunch box to make him/her love the lunch time. Chances are you will never find leftover food in their tiffins again!

Bubbling with ideas to make your life easier as a mom? Share your quick and easy mom hacks with other parents by writing your comments below!

Image Credits : Philippe Put & Sundaram Ramaswamy

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Ekta Sharma Bhatnagar is a writer, dreamer, and a neat-freak mom constantly trying to keep pace with her fast-growing, tech-addict kids. A proud mother of two, she is a seasoned media professional and a self-confessed Bollywood buff. Ekta has written extensively on Entertainment, Careers, Lifestyle, Interiors, and Parenting for Indiatimes.com, Education Times, Economic Times, Mumbai Mirror, Times Property, other publications and corporate websites. Follow on Twitter @ektabhatnagar

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