15 Funny Excuses Children Give To Avoid Eating

15 Funny Excuses Children Give To Avoid Eating“I’m sick, I want to sleep,” says Tina, stretching on her bed. Her aunt looks bewildered. Tina’s been acting up since the mention of ‘dinner time.’ Her parents are out for a movie and aunt Monika is babysitting.

“It’s my first time since she was born four years ago that I’ve to feed her. My God, it’s such a task!” exclaims Monika.

How often do you babysit your niece/nephew? Have you also been subjected to some food-fuss like Monika’s? If not, be prepared to hear all sorts of funny excuses.

Here are 15 rib-tickling excuses a few unsuspecting aunts/uncles were given to avoid eating:

1) “We test the food first!”

Five-year-old Shahaan tells his uncle his food needs to be tested first! Confused, uncle Javed asks, “Who tests it?”

“Pooh eats it and tells me if it’s okay and then I eat. You can offer that to Pooh first,” he says pointing to a visibly overfed Winnie the Pooh with food stains all over.

Stumped? So is Javed.

2) “My first tummy is full…”

“I have two tummies. My first tummy is full now. My second tummy is asking for chocolate. Second tummy eats only chocolate…else it cries,” says the three-year-old without batting her eyelids.

“I was aware she talks a lot. But this? This was beyond all my expectations. Nothing could have prepared me for this,” says Rita, babysitting her niece. And the ‘two-tummy theory’ is what she’s up against.

She has no answers. Do you?

3) “I’m fasting!”

“I love Mom. I’m giving her company. She is fasting so I’ve given up on fruits for a few days,” six-year-old Ranveer said with so much conviction that his aunt Seema was sold for it.

“I realised I was fooled only when my sister could not stop laughing at me later,” she explains, while sharing her experience.

Smart excuse, don’t you think so?

4) “This is my yesterday’s favourite food!”

Shrieks four-year-old Shayan looking at what his aunt Shruti had just served him.

Obviously puzzled, she stares at him as he explains, “This was my favourite food yesterday. Today my favourite food is pizza. Didn’t mom tell you that? I have a different favourite food everyday!”

Aunt defeated! Topic closed.

5) “I peel, I eat…”

There’s a loud wail followed by the banana landing on the floor.

Two-year-old Zeeshan has refused to eat his banana. He tells his uncle, “I peel, I eat. You peel you eat!”

“I was scared of peeling a banana even for myself after that!” laughs his uncle Karim while handing over the kid to his parents.

6) “We don’t eat coloured food!” 15 Funny Excuses Children Give To Avoid Eating

“Don’t you know I eat only white things? Chapati and this bread are brown. Get me noodles,” says four-year-old Unnati to her maternal aunt who has accepted the herculean job of feeding her.

“Did my sister forget to tell me this stuff about ‘white things,” she asks rhetorically.

I hope she knows she’s just been given a mind boggling excuse!

7) “This is not home food!”

“Meaning?” Sheila asks when her three-and-half-year old niece said this. She’s trying very hard to hold her exasperation.

“This is school food. I take this to school in my lunch box. At home, we eat only home food. Get me home food!” replies her niece in an ‘I’m-the-teacher-and you-are-a-dumb-child’ kind of tone, followed by a sigh.

Hopefully, Sheila got what her niece meant!

8) “I want five slices of bread…”

Meher says holding her five fingers up at me. I’m babysitting my brother’s six-year-old.

Since I didn’t move despite her instructions, she shrugs and then adds, “I like to take one bite from each slice. Then I’ve eaten one whole slice. Don’t you know math?”

I don’t know whether to be impressed or perplexed!

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9)  “Haven’t you come to play with me?”

“Why are you wasting so much time in the kitchen? Haven’t you come to play with me?” Giaan thinks his uncle is wasting too much time in the kitchen, fixing their meals.

“I’m not hungry. Next time uncle you should eat and come so that we can just play!” he exclaims.

His uncle was left speechless! And Giaan is barely five!

10) “The smiley is not smiling enough!”

Trying to earn bonus points after a very successful afternoon babysitting her three-year old nephew, Hina made a smiley on his dinner plate. The ketchup smiley looked perfect until he pronounced, “It’s not smiling enough.”

There goes the brownie point!

11)  “My plate is too empty!”

This is little Sameer. His plate has three sections. His aunt has beautifully placed his dinner in one section, while the other two have been left vacant. He decides not to eat dinner since his plate is too “empty!”

12) “Peas are rocks…”

“What!?” asks a panicky Rajat. Did he actually hear that? He’s babysitting his five-year-old nephew who wouldn’t eat the peas pulao.

To add pain to misery, the little one says, “They create mountains in the tummy and then tummy hurts.”

Go figure!

13) “Why are we eating trees?”

This is Diana with her I’m-the-best-funniest-aunt plan backfiring on her.

She’s babysitting her nephew of three. In a futile attempt to make broccoli look exciting enough to eat she says, “They look like small trees, what fun!”

“Why are we eating trees? Mitthu will cry,” comes his response, pointing at the hyper parrot who, as if on cue, is creating a ruckus in his birdcage!

14) “If you give me that, I will cry…”

“What will mom think of you then?” Six-year-old Jeevan is almost threatening his aunt Nidhi.

Yes, you got that right! If you want to win brownie points with your sister or sister-in-law, you better not make the kids cry.

15) “This is too wet!”

“Huh? Watermelons are always wet,” replied two-year-old Divyam’s aunt.

“No, this is too wet.” He stuck to his argument.

Help her, can we?

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Have you been stumped by your child/niece/nephew’s excuse to skip a meal? Share your experiences with us.

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