Flintobox Success Story – Mrs. Katerina Folkman

The Story – Struggling to find time to spend with her daughter, Mrs. Katerina found out a means of engagement that also aided in her development.

Mrs. Katerina Folkman is a working mother residing in Gurgaon. “We live in Gurgaon (Haryana), and also spend several months a year in New York (USA).

Her daughter Shannon, 1 and a half years old, “has a very strong curiosity and is driven to try new things and challenges.

As Mrs. Katerina explains, “I definitely understood what type of materials are required for her early development”.

Children are in nature curious, constantly looking for new challenges, quickly getting weary of things. But being a working parent, time was against Mrs. Katerina and this need for constant ideas became a problem for her.

The Challenge – was that she “simply did not have enough time to research and select appropriate learning aids.

She explains, “It is not easy to keep up with her growing needs for new games and toys.

But Mrs. Katerina wasn’t one intending to waste resources on pointless things. “I also did not want to keep investing in new toys, given a short interest span of the toddler.

She wanted her kid to be engaged and brought up in a proper manner.

I wanted to find a reasonable solution, which would ensure that Shannon gets exposure to a variety of learning materials, carefully selected and appropriate for her age”, explains Mrs. Katerina.

The Turning Point – “One of my fellow moms recommended me to try Flintobox.

Mrs. Katerina “was a little bit hesitant” at first, considering that “Shannon is only 17 months old” & Flintobox was available for children of 2 years and above.

But as she says, “we decided to give it a try.

The experience however laid all her fears to rest. “It is exciting to receive a new box every month”.

The activities that came with the box were all “bright and innovative, the pictures are designed to attract the child’s attention.

The Result – Shannon’s curiosity was being matched through new and exciting activities.

As Mrs. Katerina explains, “(we) were delighted by this great service. It is entertaining to have a different theme for each month.

Each package has a wide range of materials inside – from puzzles to fine motorics aids to art & craft supplies.

Not just the activities, even the materials used were a delight for Mrs. Katerina, “I was glad to find high quality materials inside (like the finger paints that are safe for the child).

Drawing up the plan to engage her kid with Flintobox for a long time she says, “the materials for older age will also have science-related topics and prompts, which is extremely important for me as I have a science background myself.

When it comes to the most important question of what made Flintobox so special, Mrs. Katerina explains, “Even though I had a good understanding of “WHAT” I need for my child’s early development, the questions “HOW” and “WHERE” to get it were difficult, as I am a busy working mom.

Flintobox helped me with those questions.

For the same reason, Mrs. Katerina says, “I will definitely recommend it to every parent. It was extremely helpful for our family”.

Adding that, “many of my friends don’t have much time to do an extensive research to understand these topics. Flintobox will be a life saver for them too!

Mrs. Katerina also maintains a blog on her child’s development. You can check it out here.

Need Help Getting Started?

If you are held back by your piling work, figuring out a way to keep your child engaged meaningfully in your absence and more importantly, wish to make the most out of whatever time you get to spend with your child, then Flintobox can help you out!

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