Flintobox Success Story – Mrs. Jignasa

The Story – Deciding to ditch play-school, Mrs. Jignasa faced the challenge of coming up with ways to engage her son, but soon figured out the right means of engagement.

Mrs. Jignasa from Rajkot was facing difficulty in engaging her 4 year old son Hari.

Wanting to ensure little Hari got complete individual attention in his childhood, Mrs. Jignasa and her husband had decided “not to send him to any play school”, but instead engage him at home.

The decision to “send him to school at the age of 5”, meant Mrs. Jignasa had to come up with better ways to engage him and more importantly to prepare him herself for school.

The Challenge – The schooling begins at 5 & “I have one year left to engage him with extra learning activities.

To make matters worse, Hari seemed to develop an interest for screens despite the fact that “we do not have any TV or CD/DVD player in our house. There’s just a desktop for my business work.

The problem seemed to have rooted from frequently allowing Hari to watch “CDs containing moral stories and graphical education videos” in the desktop.

Initially, it was all cheers and praises as Hari used to “learn a lot of things from these CDs.” But gradually, this started to turn into a “habit which raised the concerns of Mrs. Jignasa.

The Turning Point – To put an end to this and to prepare him well for schooling, Mrs. Jignasa decided to search for a better means of engagement.

After a lot of references and suggestions, she decided to try Flintobox.

The decision proved quite the right one, because soon after, the planned set of activities that came in the box started to “cut short the time he spent on activities without any learning.

The Result – Flintobox not only kept Hari engaged, but also provided “high standard learning.

Since that the activities were of “good craftsmanship”, and full of the attractive “colours (&) graphics” helped ensure little Hari was completely engaged without any distractions.

Flintobox was now engaging him with activities, filling in the shoes of a play-school. This proved quite “useful” for Mrs. Jignasa as it fell in line with her preparations for schooling.

Asked if she’d recommend Flintobox, Mrs. Jignasa replies “Yes. Already have. My friend has already subscribed.

Need Help Getting Started?

If you’d like to channelise your child’s energy in a right way and if you’re looking for a constant supply of ideas and planned set of activities to engage him/her, then Flintobox can help you!

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