Flintobox Success Story – Mrs. Preeti

The Story – Faced with the challenge of coming up with constant ideas, Mrs. Preeti dug up the right ways to engage her son & helped him stay away from screens.

Preeti Jain from Delhi is the mother of Aerish, a two and half year old little ball of energy.

Aerish was full of enthusiasm, constantly looking for new challenges. Most-often, he “got bored by any toy” within a short span.

It became increasingly worrying as “he come back from kindergarten in two hours everyday”, meaning Mrs. Preeti had to figure out compelling ways to keep him engaged throughout the day, everyday.

The Challenge – “Now the question was how to keep him busy in a certain activity for the rest of the time.

Coming up with new ideas on a daily basis is something which is practically not very easy. Mrs. Preeti explains “I was in so much pressure what to do with him. What I should buy for him.

As it happens in today’s households, with an overflowing stream of content, gadgets instantly grabbed the attention of little Aerish, feeding his ever-evolving curiosity.

Mrs Preeti explains, “My son spends most of his time watching videos on phone.

This added further to her woes and forced her to undertake an all-out search for a means of proper engagement.

One day I was going through my timeline on social media and saw Flintobox in my suggestions.

The Turning Point – “I read stories about parents who had benefited from Flintobox, their suggestions, & I subscribed.

As she explains, “Initially I was a bit hesitant over will it work for my two and a half year old

But once the box arrived, just like the suggestions had indicated, Mrs. Preeti herself “found it so amazing!

More importantly, Aerish was having the time of his life, engaging with something, and staying away from screens.

Mrs. Preeti happily explains, “Now he plays with it and gets excited whenever I give him a new bag out of the box.

She adds, “sometimes he asks me to give him a particular thing out of it by naming it.

The Result – “It has changed our lives.

In other words, Aerish now had a constant supply of new and interesting ideas that kept him engaged and away from screens.

Mrs. Preeti comments, “this box is full of creativity, colours, amusement.” The “out of the box thinking” makes these activities “so colourful and vibrant.

Asked if she’d recommend Flintobox she replies, “Yes I will definitely recommend Flintobox to my friends and relatives. In fact I already have.

Mrs. Preeti is all praises for our “approach of giving a mobile free childhood to children”, adding that “at last I want to say thank you Flintobox! You are a new member to our family.

Need Help Getting Started?

If you’d like to channelise your child’s energy in a right way and if you’re looking for a constant supply of ideas and planned set of activities to engage him/her, then Flintobox can help you!


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