Flintobox Success Story – Mrs. Pavitra Radhakrishnan

The Story – Faced with the daunting task of finding the proper means of engagement for her son, Mrs. Pavitra dug up the right set that kept him occupied.

Mrs. Pavitra is a mother of 9 year old Shlok from Thrissur.

As an enthusiastic child, Shlok was always on the lookout for challenging activities to satisfy his curious mind.

But unfortunately, none of the activities and toys lived up to his needs.

The Challenge – “What little (activity) there was used to bore him soon.

To add to the woes, there weren’t any kids in the neighbourhood to give Shlok some company. Mrs. Pavitra explains, “there is no company and no intelligent activities to keep him occupied.

The issue seemed to linger, raising the concerns of Mrs. Pavitra.

As a result, Mrs. Pavitra decided to find the right means of engagement for her son.

The Turning Point – Amidst all the options, Flintobox came the most recommended and seemed the right choice. So she decided to give it a try.

Flintobox quickly captured Shloks interests. Mrs. Pavitra explains, “Shlok found interesting activities to keep himself busy.

Once he started, he got really fond of all the activities and “he keeps showing everyone what he has done”, says Mrs. Pavitra.

Flintobox Success Story - Mrs. Pavitra Radhakrishnan

The Result – Shlok finally had something interesting and meaningful to engage with at home.

As Mrs. Pavitra explains, the activities combined “learning and play” which further helped “improve his thinking.

To Mrs. Pavitra’s delight, the activities were “easy to handle for the child” and helped “improve family time.

Replying to the question of whether she’d recommend Flintobox, Mrs. Pavitra explains, “(I) have done so already.

With complete satisfaction, she adds, “(he) finishes it all in one go and looks forward to the next box!

Need Help Getting Started?

If you’d like to channelise your child’s energy in a right way and if you’re looking for a constant supply of ideas and planned set of activities to engage him/her, then Flintobox can help you!


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  • Mrs.Pooja Mishra

    February 6, 2017 - 4:06 pm

    I m very thankful to flintobox for preparing a magic box for childen . This for my child is just aknowledge with fun.

    • Rakesh

      February 7, 2017 - 6:45 pm

      Thank you so much Pooja.

      Really gald that your child is having fun with the activities.

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