Flintobox Success Story – Mr. Jagadeesha

The Story – Mr. Jagadeesha from Bengaluru was finding it difficult to churn up activities to engage his daughter.

Children are generally super active, constantly moving around and always in the lookout for new exciting things to match their imagination.

It was not so different in his daughter’s case.

The Challenge – “My daughter is very active and loves to do new things

Carting all the toys, emptying all the comic shelves and still not getting the desired end result, he explains, “I buy Dora magazines and she finishes in 1-2 days

She enjoyed “memory games, mind games & puzzles, but if there are no activities she starts watching rhymes.

After turning all the wheels, he came across Flintobox!

The Turning Point – Mr. Jagadeesha bought a Flintobox for his daughter!

Flintobox turned out to be nothing he had tested so far.

For a child who completed activities in a flash and ran out of further ideas, the activities that came along (with the box) were more than just replenishing.

As Mr. Jagadeesha explains, “the puzzle is very interesting.

Flintobox Success Story – Mr. Jagadeesha

The Result – From sidelining even the best that Mr. Jagadeesha had to offer within 2 days, his daughter was now engaged throughout the week.

Mr. Jagadeesha states “…we have 4-5 activities that will engage her for a week

Now that he finally found a way out of the maze he says, “I’ve already recommended this to my friends.

Furthermore, he adds “it will increase concentration in children

Need Help Getting Started?

If you’d like to channelise your child’s energy in a right way and if you’re looking for a constant supply of ideas and planned set of activities to engage him/her, then Flintobox can help you!

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