Flintobox Success Story – Mr. Hemant Sindhi‎

The Story – Wanting to engage his son with activities that would help improve his creativity, Mr. Hemant figured out the right ways to engage him.

Hemant Sindhi from Delhi is the father of 6 year old Ryan.

Unlike most kids of today’s digitized world, Ryan “loved outdoors” and always looked forward to spending time outdoors.

Mr. Hemant took advantage of this and made sure he was “kept away from screens for majority of the time.

Apart from that, young Ryan was “creative and loved drawing and science.

The Challenge – So Mr. Hemant wanted to engage Ryan in a way that would further aid in developing his skills.

As he explains, “My intent was to get him exposed to something that would add to his knowledge and enhance his creativity.

For this purpose he started searching for activities and soon came across Flintobox.

The Turning Point – “Flintobox appeared a fun way of learning.

Without second thoughts, Mr. Hemant decided to stick with Flintobox.

The activities were all designed specifically to suit different developmental aspects of a child and also introduce them to new learnings.

As Mr. Hemant explains, Flintobox “helps kids try stuff out, which is why I love it.

The seedling activity, painting animals, creating height chart” were some of the activities which quickly grabbed the likes of young Ryan —and even Mr. Hemant who adds, “I love these.

Flintobox Success Story - Mr. Hemant Sindhi

The Result – “Flintobox delivered as per expectation letting my child try out stuff and learn from it.

To Mr. Hemant’s satisfaction, “all these activities” helped Ryan explore new things.

More importantly, “these had great kids involvement” which further helped Ryan explore his creative side — just they way Mr. Hemant wanted.

As he explains, all these activities “helps kids learn by themselves

Asked if he’d recommend Flintobox, Mr. Hemant replies, “I already have recommended to few relatives.

Need Help Getting Started?

If you’d like to channelise your child’s energy in a right way and if you’re looking for a constant supply of ideas and planned set of activities to engage him/her, then Flintobox can help you!


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