Flintobox Success Story – Mrs. Sulbha Bathwal

The Story – Being a mother to twins, time was an entity that always seemed to elude Mrs. Sulbha. Until she figured out a means to keep her kids engaged on their own.

Mrs. Sulbha from Pune, is the mother of two 2 and a half year olds – Anay & Ansh.

Being a mom to twins and that too super active and cute boys”, meant time was often not her ally.

And the fact that they were “in a nuclear setup” meant she had way more responsibilities and even less time to spare.

The Challenge – “(I was) always wondering how to engage and keep my boys busy.

Because of all this she found herself on a constant race without any relief. Mrs. Sulbha explains, “I was not able to complete my work at home”, leading to double the frustration.

Deciding to put an end to this, she started to look for a solution that would help her properly engage her kids.

The Turning Point – In her search, Mrs. Sulbha came across Flintobox and decided to give it a go.

To Mrs. Sulbha’s surprise, Flintobox turned out to be quite the right tool. Her little twins started interacting and playing with each other without any quarrels.

More importantly, they were now engaging “without seeking attention from me.

As an added bonus, the activities also helped keep little Anay & Ansh away “from tv, laptop, ipad or any other gadgets.

Flintobox Success Story - Mrs. Sulbha Bathwal

The Result – “My boys are playing, exploring and spending quality time with each other.

This meant a huge relief to Mrs. Sulbha as she could now complete all the chores in one go without any worries, and later dedicate all her time and attention to engaging the little ones.

As she explains, “This way they are happy and so am I.

All games aside, “I liked that flintobox is designed keeping in mind overall development of a child – like fine motor skills, language and reading skills, mathematical skills, logical skills, which I as a mother was not able to think.

Asked if she’d recommend Flintobox, Mrs. Sulbha replies, “I would definitely recommend all parents, caretakers, friends to get Flintobox if they are worried how to engage their children.

With complete delight, she adds, “I just wanted to say that keep up the good work and make the life of us parents easy by introducing new themes and new activities every month.

Thank you so much team Flintobox!

Need Help Getting Started?

If you are held back by your piling work, figuring out a way to keep your child engaged meaningfully in your absence and more importantly, wish to make the most out of whatever time you get to spend with your child, then Flintobox can help you out!

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