Flintobox Success Story – Mrs. Prachi

The Story – Being a working parent, Mrs. Prachi had little time to spend with her daughter, until she figured out a means to engage her and also spend quality family time.

Mrs. Prachi, the mother of 3 year old Mirashna, is a working parent from Nashik.
Like all working parents out there, the issue of not getting enough time to spend with her daughter soon riddled Mrs. Prachi.

She explains, “being a working parent I was not able to keep her engaged.

The Challenge – The piling work was cutting through Mrs. Prachi’s time with her daughter.

This raised the concern of rising screen time as it is the most likely follow up in today’s techie lifestyle.

Mrs. Prachi explains, “I was worried about my daughter spending too much time in front of the TV and handling our smartphones.

To avoid that and to make sure Mirashna was properly engaged in her absence, Mrs. Prachi tried hiring a babysitter.

But even that didn’t seem satisfactory, “I could only get some information from my babysitter about her daily activities.

Worried and disconcerted, Mrs. Prachi started looking for a right means of engagement that would also ensure her daughter stayed away from screens.

The Turning Point – After a little bit of digging around, Flintobox came into the picture!

The activities that came with the box were slowly grabbing little Mirashna’s interests.

Mrs. Prachi explains “the problem is not entirely solved, but we are getting there.

Mixing all the colours and spreading them all on white sheets”, the “Fish Tiles has become her favourite game.

Flintobox Success Story - Mrs. Prachi

The Result – “Flintobox has allowed me and my husband to become a part of her toys, like playing the fish cards as a family, which was missing before.

Regardless of the piling work schedule and lack of time, Mrs. Prachi and her husband were able to spend quality time with their daughter.

What she particularly liked was “the quality of the games and the thought process behind it.”

Her only worry was “if the toys involved would be of the cheap plastic material seen commonly in educational games.” But even that was needless as “I was happy to see the use of cardboards and good paper”, adds Mrs. Prachi.

Need Help Getting Started?

If you are held back by your piling work, figuring out a way to keep your child engaged meaningfully in your absence and more importantly, wish to make the most out of whatever time you get to spend with your child, then Flintobox can help you out!

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