Flintobox Success Story – Mrs. Clara Aarthy

The Story – From finding it hard to spend enough time with her daughter to helping her engage creatively on her own, Mrs. Clara outlived her biggest parenting challenge.

Clara Aarthy the mother of 5 year old Diya, was a working parent from Bangalore.

Despite of a cramped work schedule, she usually managed to squeeze time to “tell her stories and spend time with her.

But lately, it became increasingly difficult for her to spend time with her daughter and engage her the way she used to.

The Challenge – “…it becomes difficult at one point for me to be her(daughter’s) play partner considering I’m working too

However, Mrs. Clara wasn’t ready to leave it as it is. She decided to use this time space to engage her daughter with something useful.

While searching for the right measure, her friend gave the thought of Flintobox and she decided to give it a try.

The Turning Point – “Flintobox helped her to spend time crafting and creating something without much of my help.

Mrs. Clara’s worries of her absence leading to unhealthy habits were short lived. To her surprise, Flintobox seemed quite the right tool.

As she explains, “it kept my kid off TV and iPad.

The fact that she did something on her own without my help gave her a sense of achievement”, and this felt like a cherry on top for Mrs. Clara.

Flintobox Success Story – Mrs. Clara Aarthy

The Result – Diya was being properly engaged despite Mrs. Clara’s tight work schedule.

Mrs. Clara was now being able to engage her daughter without having to cut through her work schedule.

But the perks didn’t just end there. As a bonus, Flintobox “improved her Social skills as she painted and played with her friends” explains Mrs. Clara.

The extra effort that went into making the kid think that they actually are scientists with beakers and test tubes” was something Mrs. Clara felt needed mentioning.

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If you are held back by your piling work, figuring out a way to keep your child engaged meaningfully in your absence and more importantly, wish to make the most out of whatever time you get to spend with your child, then Flintobox can help you out!

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