Flintobox Success Story – Mr. Amit

The Story – After seeing an increase in his daughter’s screen time, Mr. Amit introduced her to an alternative means of engagement that helped take her off screens.

Mr. Amit from Pune is the father of 2 year old Ovee.

Despite her young age, “Ovee was spending too much time in front of iPad, watching YouTube videos,” which isn’t much of a surprise considering today’s gadget-centric lifestyle.

But since both Mr. Amit and his wife were “working parents”, “we were busy with daily household works after returning from work.

The Challenge – All of which meant it was hard to keep an eye on Ovee’s activities – especially her screen time.

As Mr. Amit explains, “we were hardly getting time to keep her engaged” and so relied on the grandparents.

But after a while, little Ovee got right back on the track. “Grandparents were not able to find innovative ways to keep her engaged” says Mr. Amit.

Understanding that it’d take more effort to capture Ovee’s attention, Mr. Amit decided to look for an external means of engagement.

The Turning Point – A lot of signs pointed to Flintobox and so he decided to give it a try!

To Mr. Amit’s excitement, the activities that came with the box proved to be more than the usual bunch of retail toys.

With carefully crafted age specific set of activities Ovee was no more spending his time watching videos.

As he explains, “with Flintobox she’s enjoying the activities.

Flintobox Success Story - Mr. Amit

The Result – “And it’s keeping her engaged.

Apart from engaging with activities, there was “improvement in her colour matching and shape identification skills”, explains Mr. Amit.

He was all praises for the overall experience saying, “(I) really appreciate the way these activities are designed and crafted.

Asked if he’d recommend Flintobox, Mr. Amit replies, “Yes” and adds, “because you guy are experts in this business.

At the end of the day all turned out just the way he wanted and he adds, “we are happy.

Need Help Getting Started?

Our generation experienced a childhood without mobile phones and gadgets. But children today are exposed to technology from a very young age. There are both positives and negatives to this.

And it will be great if a balance is struck where children experience the best of both worlds.

If children are spending a good amount of time in front of TV and mobile phones, there are 2 ways to handle it.

Option 1: Restrict the time children spend on TV and mobile phones.
Option 2: Provide healthier alternatives to TV and mobile phones that are attractive to children.

Flintobox is an effort in the direction of the second option. A bunch of activities are carefully selected and designed to educate children on new things every month and in the process, create a fun environment for them. The fun element helps children stay away and control the time they spend in front of screens.

If you would like to provide a healthier alternative to TV and mobile phones, give Flintobox a try!


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