World Environment Day T-Shirt Tote Bag: Recycling Activity For Kids

We learnt about renewable energy, the significance of small organisms, and the urgent need to recycle and reduce waste. Today let’s learn about the damaging role of plastics and what we can do to make a change! Plastics are harmful to everyone and everything–land, ocean, plants, animals, and us! In this world environment day t-shirt bag activity, we’re going to tell you how to recycle your old t-shirt and transform it into a cloth bag that you can take to the grocery store the  next visit! No stitching required!

Here’s what you can do to reduce plastic pollution:

  • Say no to plastic water bottles
  • Reuse plastic bags that you have at home
  • Take a cloth bag to the grocery store


Parental Involvement: High

Duration: 20 minutes

Skills Acquired: Fine motor, Curiosity, Creativity



  1. Old t-shirt – 1
  2. A pair of strong scissors

Instructions for World Environment Day T-Shirt Bag:

  1. Cut around the neck of the t-shirt.
  2. Cut the left and right sleeve to the same length.
  3. Turn the t-shirt inside out.
  4. Cut the rim at the bottom of the t-shirt.
  5. Make slits of 5 cms at the bottom.
  6. Tie the ends by making two tight knots.
  7. Tie the ends of the neighbouring knots as well.
  8. Turn the t-shirt outwards and your bag is ready!
  9. Fill it with fruits, books, milk packets, anything!

Wasn’t that interesting? You could add designs to your tote bag with acrylic paint and make it all the more appealing! Let’s join hands and say no to plastics! Every change matters.

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