Waste Material Craft Windmill: Comb Art For Kids

It’s 8 am—time to get ready for school! Is your child’s hair all neat and combed? Speaking of combs, how about using the comb as a tool of art to come up with textured patterns? Let’s make a waste material craft windmill activity of a wind-generating windmill with a comb and fill it with colourful streaks!

This activity will:

  • Enhance your child’s sensory skills
  • Boost your child’s fine motor
  • Keep your child away from the TV/smartphone


Materials You’ll Need:
  1. Comb
  2. Paint
  3. Sketch pens
Instructions for Waste Material Craft Windmill:
  1. Draw a circle in the centre.
  2. Spread out coloured paint around the circle.
  3. Gently drag the comb through the paints to form blades.
  4. Sketch the remaining parts of windmill!

Your windmill with rotating blades is ready!

With a comb, you can also create a scenery of rainbows and clouds. There is no restriction to imagination, is there?

If your child enjoyed this waste material craft activity, then he/she is sure to love our Colour Carnival box—filled with artistic activities filled with colours, patterns and shades!

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