Straw Structure Activity To Teach Kids About Shapes

Here’s a fun structure for your little builders and innovators to engage with. Use clay and straw to teach your little one about 3D shapes. As he/she gets curious and asks questions, you can also teach your kid about different dimensions in simple ways with straw structure activity!

How this activity will help your child:

  • Increase your child’s coordination and imagination
  • Boost your child’s knowledge on shapes and structures
  • Keep your child away from the TV and smartphone

Materials Required:
  1. Clay
  2. Straw
  3. A pair of scissors



Instructions for Straw Structure Activity:
  1. Roll the clay into four same-sized spheres.
  2. Cut the straw so they are of the same size
  3. Fix the clay with the straw to form a triangle
  4. Attach the clay on top with the straw to form a complete pyramid

And that’s what Egyptian pyramids look like!

If your child enjoyed this activity, then he/she is sure to love our ‘Little Architect‘ box—with interesting activities and puzzles that will teach him/her about shapes, structures, and the outdoor world!

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