What can you do with your old Flintoboxes?

This is a question that some of our customers tend to ask – “What do I do with the old Flintoboxes, I don’t have any space left in my house.”

Well, Flintobox is all about inspiring creativity! 🙂

So instead of throwing the boxes away once your child uses them, or piling them up in your storage area, how about reusing or recycling these boxes into something useful?

Here are some awesome DIY ideas to re-use Flintobox

Build Your Own Cart

Is your child ready to transform our cardboard boxes into a fun little cart? Spend a couple of hours creatively as you sit together and attach, cut, stick and paint a fun little movable cart to store your favourite things! Psst. You can also attach more carts to form a train! Click the link below for step-by-step instructions!


Rainbow Notebook

Is your child ready to transform our cardboard boxes into a fancy notebook cover? Take your time to cut, assemble and accessorize your notebooks with cardboard and coloured papers in a super creative way! Click the link below for step-by-step instructions!


Mobile Shapes Hanger

Is your child ready to decorate their rooms with some interesting cardboard accessories sprinkled with interesting geometric shapes? Then get ready to dive into our fun mobile shapes hanger DIY activity we have in store for your little one! Click the link below for step-by-step instructions!


Make A Math Playground

How about adding some zing to addition? Plus, you get to reuse your Flintobox, cardboard, and paper cups. It’s like a game of number basketball. Well, it’s fun and interesting. Besides, you get to bond with your child over numbers! So, here’s the math playground activity to get you started.



We also have a few examples for you – a couple of our customers have shared a few examples of their out-of-the-box thinking by reusing old Flintoboxes and Flintobox’s Activity Factory has done so as well! Take a look!

Creative Reuse Of Flintobox By Our Customers

Dollhouse Present

One of our customers Katherine Pandian decorated their Flintobox in two unique ways. One was a gift box where her son safely placed DIY presents for his friend.

Second, they also made a colourful and creative dollhouse inside the box. They did so by creating partitions using cardboard from the box activities to create different rooms. Doesn’t that look fun? 🙂


Colourful Cupboard

Here we have another one by our customer – Jayasmita, who, along with her child has decorated their old Flintobox into a cupboard after decorating it in grand fashion! It’s creative and super useful! You can use this to store stationery, accessories and so much more!


Multipurpose boxes

Here we have another one of our customers showcasing their little one’s creativity with the way their child has redesigned old Flintoboxes into dollhouses and so much more.


So these are some of the ideas to creatively reuse Flintoboxes! Got some more? Feel free to post it on our Facebook page >

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