Paper Folding Umbrella: Pleating Activity For Kids

Summer time! Take out your umbrellas and shield yourself from the heat monster. Here’s how you can create miniature pleats with paper folding umbrella activity! Your kids will fine-tune their motor skills!

This activity will:

  • Boost your child’s creativity
  • Enhance his/her motor skills
  • Keep your child away from TV/Smartphone

Materials You’ll Need:
  1. Coloured papers
  2. Paint and paintbrush
  3. Toothpick
Instructions for Paper Folding Umbrella:
  1. Paint patterns on a sheet of coloured paper.
  2. Cut a circle.
  3. Make a cut and start folding the paper in and out.
  4. Pleat it completely, fan it out, and stick the ends.
  5. Pin a toothpick at the centre.

Your mini umbrella is ready!

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