Paper Cup Octopus Activity: Best Out Of Waste

Did you know that an octopus is the most intelligent invertebrate? It’s the perfect example of advanced cognitive evolution in animals! That’s also why our main character Flinto is an Octopus! Teach your child about the eight-legged octopus by turning a small paper cup into one.

This activity will:

  • Teach your child about the octopus
  • Teach him/her to recycle
  • Keep him/her away from the TV/Smartphone

Materials You’ll Need:
  1. Paper cup
  2. Punching machine
  3. Paint
  4. Paint brush
  5. Yarn
  6. A pair of scissors
Instructions for Paper Cup Octopus Activity:
  1. Paint the paper cup and leave it to dry
  2. Add squiggly patterns to it
  3. Punch holes around the cup
  4. Tie yarns of the same length to the cups for tentacles
  5. Add googly or sleepy eyes on its face.

Time to take a trip under water!

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